Mergers & Acquisitions

Due diligence is a vital activity in M&A transactions, and may consume several months of intense analysis if the target firm is a large business with a global presence. Using a variety of methods and accepted principles, Accuritiss team pursues an answer to the question: “Do we buy–and if so–how do we structure the transaction and how much do we pay?” To answer this question we focus on the below four areas of a firm

  • Strategic Position
  • Financial Data
  • Operational Assets
  • Legal Matters

Each of these four areas can be further sub-divided into business, legal, and functional areas–including IT–each receiving the appropriate level of attention and analysis based upon the category and nature of the deal.

Conducting M&A due diligence in today’s global marketplace is a demanding, high-pressure undertaking that requires considerable skill and expertise. As a result, we have developed our own in-house M&A due diligence expertise, to assist with this highly complex and risky activity.

Financial Assessment

When thinking about doing business with, merging with or acquiring another company, it is important to be aware of their financial situation. You don’t want to make a deal and then find out, further down the line, that they have saddled you with their debts or shoddy business plans. Our expert financial team can investigate both the visible and the covert finances of these companies, thereby reducing your risk and enabling you to decide if you want to proceed with this relationship.

In a similar way, you may be interested in investigating the financial health of your own business. This is useful as it identifies the strengths and weaknesses of your company so that you can work on minimising potential business risks.



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