Pre transactional due diligence

It is quite surprising that many businesses today don’t engage in rigorous due diligence before they embark on a venture, of any size.

Pre transactional due diligence isn’t just a process of carrying out investigations prior to a business transaction, it should always be a business way of life; a first thought, not an afterthought. A few simple checks prior to engagement can save a whole lot of pain later on.

Here are some of the elements involved in our pre transactional due diligence service.

Our Process

Detailed Research

Using state-of-the-art IT and computing systems, we examine publicly available information including online and media resources and social media records (as well as “deep” web non- public access) to disclose all information essential for the assessment of business practices.

Corporate Investigations

Corporate investigations include detailed searches of corporate registry (including personal attendance in those countries where records are still maintained manually only), directorships, shareholder status and affiliations of key executives.

Reputation Research

Local source enquiries include discreetly gathered information about the reputation of subjects from sources who possess in depth knowledge. Using public source material as well, Accuritiss conducts discreet inquiries to establish any possible PEP red flags.

Compliance Checks

Compliance investigations ensure that the subject company or individual falls clearly within all statutory or regulatory guidelines and constraints both local and international

Fraud Investigations

Investigation of possible improprieties may indicate cases of fraud by Directors or other senior executives which would clearly be detrimental to the client.

Detailed Reports

Our reports are detailed and sources of information are stated for verification purposes and invariably backed up by recorded or photographic evidence following on site visits. Reports are often prepared in a format that is CPR compliant for Court presentation purposes.