Post Transactional Due diligence

Post transactional due diligence doesn’t just refer to trying to make good on problems that have already exposed the business to risk or loss, it also applies to business dealing that can arise after a business transaction has taken place. Relationships are formed when transactions take place and may expose the business to added risk, especially as those involved may begin to feel comfortable with the relationship, which may lead to complacency. Our services will help your business understand these issues and the process to mitigate these risks.

Complex Analysis

Many cases are complex in terms of legal, accounting and commercial issues. We analyse each strand of the problem.

Holistic Reports

We provide a holistic report directed to the underlying problems with practical solutions at the forefront of our Reports.

Practical Solutions

These will include suggestions on reforming internal procedures, dealing with external agencies and clients as well as pursuing rogue employees to the full extent of the law.



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