Business valuation

Realistic business valuations are based on a solid appreciation and understanding of the business itself. All businesses are unique in some way, for example; key staff members, intellectual property, a single high-value customer, specific technology or experience that provides critical competitive advantage. These all have material bearing on the potential value of a business.

Valuing a business requires Accuritiss to gain a thorough understanding and analysis of the many complex factors that will provide informed insight into the valuation,

These include,

  • Your key personnel
  • Intellectual property
  • Client base
  • Conditions in your market and economic climate
  • The competitive environment
  • Industry dynamics
  • Specific business activities
  • Location
  • Goodwill
  • Management structure
  • Tax

Considerations and even the purpose of the valuation.

Our process with you starts with a discovery phase, where during our first meeting we aim to gather information from you, including management and statutory accounts. We will dig deeper into how your company operates and identify the key value areas. From there we use a variety of tools to assess value, including; comparative analysis, financial modelling and our own judgement based on years of experience.

The driver for valuing a business may not just be purely business related. The need may arise through personal disputes, matrimonial proceedings, inheritance tax, capital gains or qualifying for government enterprise management incentive schemes (EMI).

Whatever the need, our Business Valuation team has extensive experience in these areas, so call our team today and discuss how we can assist in valuing your business.



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