Due Diligence

Are you engaging in a merger or acquisition, examining potential deals and investments, or assessing a new strategic partnership or even onboarding a new employee/executive or perhaps, buying or selling of land/property?  Whatever your reason or business size, allow us to provide you with customised   and comprehensive due diligence research which can identify potential red-flags in order to protect your firm’s compliance standards, brand integrity and business reputation.

We are an emerging markets research and corporate intelligence firm which provides complete due diligence reports for investors and decision-makers including background checks, reputation and integrity assessments, litigation and criminal records checks, public records and media research with local on-the-ground multi-lingual networks.

Our due diligence can help ‘uncover the facts’ and lower your investment risk by objectively gauging the business environment and profiling potential partners and competitors.

Our assignments range from open source and public records queries to human intelligence from both government and private sector, through to in-depth market research for feasibility studies.

Due diligence services:

Why Perform Due Diligence?

  • Quantify the real risk of doing business
  • Assist in accurate decision-making
  • Identify red flag issues
  • Provide leverage for valuation and negotiation purposes
  • Verify that investment or acquisition criteria have been met


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