Digital Transformation

Technology will never stop growing, keeping pace with change will allow you and your organization to take advantage of new opportunities   and maintain your competitive edge.

Accuritiss digital transformation process supports clients through 3 key stages: As is analysis and strategy development, Product and service design, Implementation and Change

Our diagnostic and strategy process provides you with the insight to make informed decisions about future digital activities. It provides a better understanding of your customers, an understanding of where and how you can improve your operation

As is Analysis & Strategy Development

Our  approach identifies digital opportunities for your organisation to excel, providing guidance on how to achieve them via transformation roadmap.

Process and outcomes

  • Diagnostic: In-depth data analysis, benchmark performance against competitors, assess capabilities, reputation and visibility assessment
  • Prioritised transformation roadmap: define short, medium and long term digital objectives using  robust prioritisation methodology
  • Capability requirements: identify the resources and enabling technology required to implement your digital strategy and shortfalls in current capability

Product and Design

A new product or service can become a key differentiator for your business and your brand proposition.

In terms of realising your product strategy, companies no longer have the luxury of time – and budgets are always tight. The outcomes we will deliver:

  • Development of a product strategy in line with your business strategy
  • Wireframing and prototyping of potential solutions
  • Rapid implementation of low risk pilots to prove or disprove solution hypothesis quickly and efficiently. 
  • Scaling applications, or iterating them as we understand the impact they have.

Implementation and Change

Working with you to improve digital capabilities within your organisation, supporting the deployment of new technology and services and implementing better ways of working

Accurity will work with your organisations to:

  • Support the adoption of better ways of working
  • Procure and implement new technology
  • Embed agile processes and methods of delivering solutions
  • Improve team capability through recruitment and training