BI & Analytics

Our solutions range from an initial proof of concept to a fully developed BI solution. Our experience of providing BI & Reporting solutions for hundreds of projects across multiple industries ensures that we can help you with any project regardless of the size or difficulty.

Challenges we can help you with

• How do I demonstrate the business value of data to my key stakeholders within the business?
• How do I address my growing BI requirements, Management Information (MI) & Regulatory Reporting?
• How do I assess my current BI & MI Architecture?
• Need to understand your current data landscape but don’t know where to start?
• How do I train my users to build their own reports or self-service?
• How do I move from simple, tabular reports to one with great visualisations to engage my users?

• BI & MI Assessment
• BI & MI Report Build Implementation
• Data Integration & Warehousing to provide the foundations for accurate BI & MI
• BI & Reporting Tool Vendor Selection
• BI Training